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Access Control
Access Control
Access can be granted by card or fob, digital code or biometric. An access control system is a more secure and convenient way of doing the same job as a lock and key. It is designed to allow access only to those people who have been authorised. The 'key' to provide access may be a PIN, card or a personal feature for biometric identification such as a fingerprint or iris scan. Access control systems provide an unobtrusive and flexible way of managing the flow of large numbers of employees/visitors. Access can be enabled/disabled from a central location. Access Control systems are simply a way of allowing only your staff to easily access your premises. We offer solutions from all the major manufacturers, but the company you choose to install and maintain your system is as important as the system itself. Many companies or individuals will tell you they install systems, often cheaply. But do they meet the standards of workmanship and service you would expect? Have they been security vetted? Will they be there quickly when you have a problem? And, most importantly, do they meet requirements of the police and your insurer? We can answer 'Yes' to all these questions - so you know who to contact.
Access control can start at your gate or barrier, and can control access through the different doors inside building. Different levels of security can be set up for different areas and personnel. Access control gives you control over who gains entry to your building. Keys also do this - so what is the difference? When you lose a key, you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks and all the other keys, or you accept the building is no longer secure. With access control you simply void an individual token from the system .There is no need to replace locks or keys. It is important the installer of your access control understands the aspects of your Emergency Escape Routes and plans. It is important to remember that if you are locking people out you may also be locking them in. So the fire exits and fire doors must be considered. We can advise you on how your access control system affects your fire risk assessment. You can view events as they are happening. See "who is in today" with a glance at your computer. If unauthorised access has been attempted, an alarm can be set up on your computer, so you know instantly. Site Graphics can allow operators to monitor events around their site at a glance. Site Graphics provides a visual representation of the site, complete with door locations and real-time door status information. Your access control can be linked to your fire alarm so if the alarm sounds doors can be automatically opened and a roll call printed. You can use your system for recording simple time and attendance, showing the number of hours worked by each employee. Dedicated readers (independent of the door readers) need to be used for time and attendance Check at a glance, who is in, who is out, who is working out of the office, who is on holiday
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